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Convincing the sheep. The conservative talking point.

I have recently read an article by the head of the Heritage Foundation, Jim DeMint, which outlines the strategy used by conservative pundits to convince their followers that liberals are hypocrites, that liberals are, in fact, against freedom, liberty, and justice for all. What is that strategy, and is it accurate.

Now, we cannot say that the strategy is bad, because it works well with those prone to believe anything coming from the conservative leadership. Tell the followers what they want to hear, give them some talking points, and away the talking points go, no matter how specious they are. However, it only takes a little logical thinking, a little critical examination, that demonstrates the hollowness, the lameness, the absurdity, of the argument.

The conservative talking point cries out that liberals are hypocrites. They shout and point that the liberals are taking the freedom of businesses away, that liberals are sucking liberty and freedom of religion away from the people. The liberal fight for equality for the LGBT community is really a subversive way to take away liberty and freedom of businesses, forcing them to do business with these groups. Liberals, who rally around a movement like ‘Black Lives Matter’ are stripping liberty away from people by trying to end the killings of unarmed blacks. Religious groups freedoms are being torn asunder by trying to protect organizations like Planned Parenthood, and fighting for insurance to cover contraceptives.

The conservative line is that liberals are striking at the heart of freedom and liberty by seeking equal pay for women, and for a livable minimum wage. The freedom and liberty of businesses to pay as little as possible to their workers, to have them work under unsafe conditions by requiring observance of safety laws all strip the basic freedoms away.

The absurdity of these arguments is exceeded only by the number of people who believe them, that truly feel that freedom and liberty are being eroded by liberals (even though a majority of Americans of all political persuasions agree with the ‘liberal’ position on most of those issues) in the pursuit of these ‘injustices’. It is only through thoughtful contemplation, of critically assessing those talking points, that one sees through this charade.

I could go through a litany of arguments to show, to demonstrate the ridiculousness of these conservative talking points. But that would do little to break through the barriers erected by the conservative sheeple. Logic and reason have been shown to be useless in these cases. Instead, I will leave one thought, one example of the shallowness of the conservative thinking, one that should simple be the arrow through the heart of their strategy. This one example, one thought, shows the speciousness of their position.

In the view, the world of the conservative argument, then this is what occurred in the Civil War: the Union, led by Abraham Lincoln, sought to take away the freedom and liberty of the Southern Secessionists by granting freedom t0 the millions of Americans bound by slavery. The Northern Union took rights away, by granting rights long denied to people who were owned by others. Freedom taken away by granting freedom to slaves.

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