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Can you believe this?

September 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Radical right wing tea party republican Dan Issa submitted an amendment to a “Postal Reform” bill, a bill that breaks a union contract and allows layoffs (a trade off made early in the history of Postal collective bargaining for low raises), an amendment which would require the layoffs to affect the most senior postal employees, as long as they are retirement eligible. The gall!

In this none too well-veiled forcing out of senior employees targeting those who have put in careers, is immoral, unethical and undemocratic. By threatening layoffs of these people, they hope they will just retire, saving the government  (whom raped the Postal Service for years by stealing 5.5 billion dollars a year, putting them in the financial bind they are experiencing) further buyouts or incentives to retire. It is once again a way to bail out the government or big business on the back of the middle class.

I do not see this amendment enacted into law, but it demonstrates the sick twisted minds at work right now against the middle class. The right wing claims pushing for fairness in income taxes, asking the wealthiest to pay a little more, is class warfare, yet the rights fight against keeping the payroll relief Obama advocated intact was too expensive to keep right now. Please! We could afford to keep the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy intact, but it cannot be afforded for the middle class, those who need it.

Hopefully Issa’s perverted amendment will not pass, but will serve as a wakeup call, that there is a war in America, that of the wealthy elite to lower the standard of living for the rest of us.